Friday, July 25, 2014

Farrah Believes Sophia Will Follow in Her Footsteps and Make Future Sex Tape- Uhm, WHAT?!

Farrah made not one, but two sex tapes and while she continues to deny the first one being planned, the second one was proven to have been staged by her in leaked emails to Vivid Entertainment. She has been to several expos and promotional tours for her sex tapes and also now has her very own sex toy line that contains molds of her frontdoor and backdoor. She will not admit to being a porn star, but random sex tape makers don't promote their tape, go to expos, make sex toys, or offer guest appearances at gentlemen's clubs and grind up on strange men.

ANYWAYS- Farrah recently did an interview with Celebuzz where she admits that she believes 5 year old Sophia will one day make her very own sex tape...and she is going to "mommy talk" with her and support her decision to do so.

"I'm just going to say make sure you know what you're doing with it, because you know, I'll be like, 'this is what happened to me as your mom', it's like mommy talk."

I have no freaking idea what she is thinking...I could never think about my young daughter even considering making a sex tape- but then again, I would never make a sex tape and put it in a memory box for my daughter to WATCH later in life. It's good, I guess, that she is so supportive of her daughter and any future ventures- I just don't understand her thinking and the lack of a thought process that would have her think things through before she speaks them let alone voices them to the public.

Are you shocked at all that Farrah thinks Sophia will make a sex tape later in life? Does this news even resonate disbelief in you? Let me know @RDGmama or in a comment below!

Source: Teen Mom Truth